Clam Shell Gate

UNICON’s Clam Shell Gate Systems are specially designed for bulk unloading of dust / course particles from hoppers / storage bins.
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Lower initial cost

No critical components are involved and so initial cost is low.

Simplicity of the Components

The components of Unicon Clam Shell Gates are simple and common.

Low operating Speedy

As the operating speed required is very less, the wear and tear is less and more maintenance free life.

Product Specifications

ApplicationsCement, Clinker, Gypsum, Fly Ash, Sinter dust, Sponge Iron, Coal Dust,
Capacity1 TPH to 300 TPH
Temperatures (°C)350 Deg C Max
Operating SizeUpto 2000 mm
Flange TypeSquare or Rectangle
Material of constructionMild Steel
Construction methodFabricated
Abrasion resistant liningSail Hard, Hardox or Stainless Steel as
per requirement
Drive typeMotorized / Pneumatic / Hydraulic
UNICON has been manufacturing clamshell gates for bulk material handling systems for more than decade. Our clam shell gates can be used any type of bulk material handling whether it is high temperature, adhesive or abrasive. We are providing Hardox 400, Hardox 200 or Hardox 500 lining for all material contact surfaces according to the application. Our state-of-the-art clam shell and testing facilities is the key of achieving optimal performance.

Installing Clam Shell Gate for your factory, industry or plant? Our installation solutions extends around the world

Salient Features

  • Low Stresses Seen By the Gear Teeth during Operation.
  • Lubrication Of The Teeth Is Not Required.
  • Once the gear sets are located and properly timed, they are welded in place eliminating any further adjustment or need for maintenance.
  • The assembly and reassembly of the gate can be accomplished without affecting timing of the gate blades.
  • The gate actuation through a PLC system to control the desired opening to facilitate smooth flow of material.
  • Construction is of minimum 6mm mild steel plate, heavily reinforced where necessary. Bolting flange is constructed of heavy structural steel angle. All welding is per AWS standards. Gate pivot shafts are C-1045 steel shafting, and are attached to heavy backing plates welded to the gate body.