GD Testing

Unicon is equipped to carryout GD testing of any make ESPs with more than 35 years experience in the
  1. Improve the performance of ESP
  2. Meet the emission legislation by increasing equipement collection efficiency.
  3. Drive down the operational cost with improved quality.
  4. Cost Effectiveness.
  5. Separate shutdown is not required for implementationReduce the shutdown time.

Need GD Testing for your factory, industry or plant? Our installation solutions extends around the world

Test Procedure

Air flow through the ESP chamber is established by running the ID, FD & PA air fans at suitable loadings. Once the flow is established by preliminary measurement, the loading of fans and furnace draught are recorded so that the same condition can be maintained for all subsequent tests.

The velocity measurements are made inside and across the precipitator chamber, between the first and second field, using vane type anemometer. The measurement points are distinctly marked on the trailing edge of the collecting electrodes of the first field.

The vertical space between the points is 1000mm, leaving a gap of 500 mm from top and bottom of the collecting electrode. The readings shall be taken at every alternate collecting electrode spacing.

The test is conducted on a trial basis and hence more than one trial may be required before a gas distribution meeting the acceptance criteria is obtained. Adjustments if required will be carried out based on the tests, modifying the location of deflector/throttling plates. The above is repeated till the desired distribution meeting the acceptance criteria is obtained.

The acceptance criteria for gas distribution is that the coefficient of variation should be less than 20 %.