Residual Life Assessment

Unicon is fully equipped with tools, tackles and expert manpower to make a detailed RLA study of your plant and to provide suitable solutions.

Objective of RLA Study

  • To assess present condition of ESP & their auxiliaries.
  • To identify reasons for deterioration of performance and suggest resolves thereof.
  • To provide critical data input to plant and improve upon availability, reliability, efficiency & safety of the equipments.
  • To furnish detailed project report (DPR) based on RLA study suggesting means & methods of improvement as per applicable standards and guidelines for the components under study.

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Brief Scope of Work for RLA Study

The scope of work includes:
Condition assessment of the ESP, RLA of all necessary components of the ESP and review of the previous studies if any.
Conducting Energy Audit for base line assessment in the ESP. Insulation audit, Auxiliary power consumption of the ESP.
Performance test of ESP.
To address generic problems of the ESP.
Feasibility study of incorporation of modern technologies in the ESP. Advantages and cost benefit analysis studies for efficient, reliable, economical and safe performance of the ESP.
Preparation of detailed project report (DPR) having complete scope & justification.
To prepare the detailed scope of work and cost estimates along with the exploration of cost effective alternate rehabilitation options.

Methodology for Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR)

Phase-I : Pre-Shutdown: Start up meeting with O&M personnel of the plant regarding present performance, details of modifications / replacements carried out in various systems followed by preparatory works before shutdown of unit.
Phase-II: Shutdown period testing and Study. 
Phase-III: Post Shutdown testing and study.
Phase-IV: Analysis of Data and findings.
Phase-V: Draft Final report preparation & Submission for discussion & approval
Phase-VI: Final Report submission.


Daily Progress report during testing at site will be submitted to RLA monitoring team. This report shall contain daily activities over components under study.
Preliminary Inspection Report, It shall be compilation of daily reports along with preliminary observations.
Final Report