Computational Fluid Dynamics

Unicon is equipped with Computational Fluid Dynamics software and more than 35 years in carrying out study of ESP properties.

Why CFD?

  1. Reduce the shutdown time.
  2. Accurate flow of gas.
  3. Improve the performance of ESP
  4. Meet the emission legislation by increasing equipement collection efficiency.
  5. Drive down the operational cost with improved quality.
  6. Cost Effectiveness.

Need CFD for your factory, industry or plant? Our installation solutions extends around the world

Gas distribution across the cross section of ESP is imperative to ensure that the Collecting Area provided is uniformly loaded with the Gas and thereby obtain the optimum utilization of Collecting Area provided and hence optimum performance efficiency from the ESP. We are today equipped with Computerised Fluid Dynamics Software using which we are able to simulate the entire system comprising of the ducting prior to the ESP and the ESP. We can analyse the flow pattern, introduce flow correction devices wherever required and study their effects on the distribution inside the ESP. We could with the help of this software and the experience in Gas distribution requirements in ESP, arrive at the optimum flow correction devices. This can be done any time and does not require any shut down of the plant. After the study has been completed a report will be given which will indicate the flow correction devices to be installed at various locations. The installation can be done at the convenience of the plant during overhaul shut down. If required a Site GD measurement can be done after installation of the flow correction devices to confirm the results. To carry out the CFD study an arrangement drawing Plan & elevation of the system (ducting from boiler outlet to ESP, The ESP and the outlet ducting from ESP to ID fan ) will be required along with flow data viz. gas volume, temperature, density and pressure. Also require the GD screen details / Drawings.