Jacketed Vessels

Union is having vast pool expertise in Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply, Erection and Commissioning of Jacketed vessels.
Product Specifications

Sturdy Construction

Unicon Jacketed vessels are sturdy construction

With or Without Agitators

Will be provided with or without agitators to suite application requirements.

Wide range of combination of MOC

We are providing Jacketed vessels with various combinations of Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminium, etc,.

Product Specifications

ApplicationChemicals, Acids, Alcohol, etc,.
Inner Shell DiameterUpto 10,000 mm
Inner Shell MaterialMS, SS, Aluminium, Copper, etc,.
Outer Shell MaterialMS, SS, Aluminium, Copper, etc,.
AgitatorsWill be provided as per requirement
Construction methodFabricated
OrientationVertical / Horizontal
Inlet and outlet connectionFlanged, threaded or coupling

Installing Jacketed vessel for your factory, industry or plant? Our installation solutions extends around the world

Special Features

In chemical engineering, a jacketed vessel is a container that designed for controlling the temperature of its contents, by using cooling or heating “jacket” around the vessel through which a cooling or heating fluid is circulated.

A jacket is a cavity external to the vessel, that permits the uniform exchange of heat between the fluid circulating in it and the walls of the vessel. There are several types of jackets, depending on the design

Conventional jackets
Half-pipe coil jackets
Dimple jackets (or plate or coils)

Jacketed vessels can be employed as chemical reactors (to remove the elevated heat of reaction) or to reduce the viscosity of high viscous fluids (such as tar).

Agitation can be also used in jacketed vessels to improve the homogeneity of the fluid properties (such as temperature or concentration).

UNICON is your single source for jacketed vessels. Whether you need a half-pipe, dimple, or conventional jacket, our experts will help you. We can provide any combination of vessel and jacket materials. Our shop rolls shells and half-pipe coils to alleviate any delays in the fabrication of your vessel. We can also install baffles and agitators for mixing applications.