Screw Conveyor

Unicon have credential record of Installation of various type Screw conveyors for various application.

Product Specifications

Ideal solution

Unicon Screw Conveyors are ideal for conveying dry to semi-fluid bulk materials.

Cost effectiveness

Compared to other conveying devices such as belt, pneumatic or aeromechanical, Screw Conveyors are
cost effective solution.

Dust free operation

In the case of screw conveyors, dust is conveying inside totally closed enclosure, which avoids corrosive
or hazardous environments.

Product Specifications

Capacity100 TPH
Variable PitchAvailable
Cut Flight, Ribbon Flight &
Cut and Folded Flight
Trough DiameterUpto 1000 mm
LengthUpto 30 meter
Water cooling arrangementAvailable as per requirement
Maximum Temperature900 Deg C (Special Designs)
Material of ConstructionMS & SS
Hard facing of FlightProvided as per requirement

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Special Features

  • Screw conveyors are used for transport of materials continuously with the help of a rotating helical screw blade (known as flights) by shear and tumbling effect inside a “U” shaped trough or a round tube. They are generally used for handling fines of coal, crushed material, powders, cement, chemicals, etc,. The periphery of leading side of the helix is provided with hard face welding for handling abrasive material on request.
  • Screw conveyors are one of the most reliable and cost-effective methods for conveying bulk materials. Due to their versatility, screw conveyors can convey a wide variety of bulk materials ranging from dry, free-flowing Portland cement to wet, sluggish dewatered bio-solids.
  • Efficiently distributes bulk materials to various locations using multiple inlet and discharge points.
  • Horizontal screw conveyors are the most widely used type of screw conveyor. Used to convey bulk materials from one part of a process to another, horizontal screw conveyors are available in a wide range of sizes, lengths, configurations and materials of construction.
  • UNICON Make Standard screw conveyors of carbon steel or stainless steel depending on the operating conditions.
  • Intermediate hanger bearings are provided for long conveyors for the screw to maintain allowable sag in the rotating member.
  • Proper selection of angular speed for the Screw conveyor is critical in order to avoid wobbling effect during operation.
  • The tough filling factor is selected according to nature of material and also with reference to standard with typically value of around 30%, however, the drive power rating is calculated based on 100% filling factor.
  • For high temperature application a jacketed trough and box type flights are provided with circulating cooling water through, shaft & box flights. The quantity of cooling water depends on the properties & temperature of conveying material.