Shutdown Maintenance

Unicon is equipped with all Tools, Tackles, Skilled Manpower and Spares to meet customer needs for Shutdown Maintenance and Breakdown Maintenance Services.

Shutdown Maintenance Services

Downtime of the plant and the down time cost are very critical
The proven method for reducing downtime is systematic and planned maintenance to avoid unexpected breakdowns.
Planned maintenance involves preventive maintenance, condition monitoring etc.

We undertake diagnostic study of the plant, design preventive maintenance system such as check points, periodicity of checking, and decide maintenance policies. System perpetually updated for efficiency improvement.

Need Shutdown Maintenance for your factory, industry or plant? Our installation solutions extends around the world

Preventive maintenance is condition monitoring

Parameters like vibration, sound, temperature etc. are continuously monitored
We also provide people to implement the designed system and ensure guaranteed working.
We ensures near about cent percent availability of the pollution control equipments of the plant at minimum maintenance cost.

Breakdown Maintenance Services

In spite of planned maintenance also unexpected breakdowns of Air pollution Equipments &Material Handling Systems cannot be fully avoided due to various process reasons. We have system for attending such breakdown maintenance also. In this arrangement we study the plants of the client in advance, identify the vulnerable points for breakdown and keep alternatives ready to attend the breakdown repairs at the shortest notice possible.

Qualified technicians and spare parts and pre-assembled sub-assemblies are kept and immediately on breakdown intimation, our team will rush to the spot with tools and kits and will repair the plant within minimum time.

The trained maintenance team with tools and kits will be stationed at the plant on permanent basis if the severity of the breakdowns is high and if the client so desires.