Unicon is having credential record in upgradation of ESPs by adding additional fields in series or parallel or by increasing the height of field inline with the space availability. 

Need for Upgrades

  1. Change in input conditions
  2. Change in regulations
  3. Improvement of performance
  4. Improvement to state of art technology
  5. Power saving

Change in Inputs

  1. Change in fuel
  2. Ash content is higher
  3. Ash chemistry is changed
  4. Calorific value is lower needing higher fuel consumption
  5. Increased capacity of plant as a whole

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Change in Regulations

Change in inputs results in emission levels higher than original design.
As years pass regulations have been becoming strict.
Emission levels which were >700mg/Nm3 in the early 70s has over the years come down to 100mg/Nm3 today.
This reduction is becoming steeper in recent years with 50mg/Nm3 being conceived generally and even 10mg/Nm3 not rare.

Improved Performance

Retrofits in existing ESP to improve its performance level.
Retrofits where in additions are made to augment the capacity of existing ESP

Benchmarking with international standards, identifying the deficient areas in achieving the benchmarks, evolving solutions, implementing the solutions by providing men and expertise and guaranteeing the results and further updating the benchmarks is a continuous process of efficient manufacturing management.

Such optimization of operation and performance parameters considerably reduces the cost of production of the product as the consumption of input materials is minimized. In large capacity plants such assignments are paid back in less than one year and thereafter benefits derived during the lift time.

Have total expertise in providing such services for any process plant/engineering plant.