UNICON Regularly supplies the following Porcelain Insulators for all makes of Electrostatic Precipitators.

1. Cylindrical Support Insulators
2. Conical Support Insulators
3. Shaft Insulators
4. Pin Insulators
5. Wall Through Bushing Insulator
6. Bus Duct Insulators, etc,

Need ESP Spares for your factory, industry or plant? Our installation solutions extends around the world

Please find below details of Some Spares for ESPs we are regularly supplying
Collecting ElectrodesSupport Insulator
Spiral Emitting ElectrodesShaft Insulator
Pipe & Spike type Discharge ElectrodesSupport Insulator Heater
Rigid type Discharge ElectrodesShaft Insulator Heater
Collecting Rapping HammersHopper Heater
Emitting Rapping HammersRapping Shafts
GD Rapping HammersCollecting Suspension
Inner ArmEmitting Suspension
Outer ArmRotary Airlock Valves
Plain BearingSlide Gates