Expansion joint

UNICON Regularly Designing, Manufacturing and Supplying various types of Expansion Joints for Dust Collectors / Bag Filters / Bag Houses / ESPs and other applications as below.
Expansion Joint – Metallic and Non-metallic

MOC : Mild Steel & Stainless Steel

Fabric Material & Number of layers will be selected based on the temperature and pressure.

Types : Round, Square and Rectangle

Size : Round – upto 5.0 Meter Diameter, Square – upto 5.0 x 5.0 Meter.

Need Baghouse Spares for your factory, industry or plant? Our installation solutions extends around the world

Please find below details of Some Spares for Bag Houses we are regularly supplying
Polyester Filter BagsBag Cages with MOC GI
PTFE Coated Filter BagsBag Cages with MOC MS (Al HR Paint)
Fiber glass Filter BagsBag Cages with MOC Stainless Steel
Polypropylene Filter BagsSolenoid Valves
Nomex Filter Bags etcTube Sheets
Homopolymer Acrylic Filter BagsPurging Pipes
Spun Aluminium VenturiRotary Airlock Valves
Cast Aluminium VenturiSlide Gates