Emitting / Discharge Electrodes

With our Re-engineering background, we enjoy an enviable strength when supply of spares in concerned. This further enables us to meet short delivery requirements with ease. Customer has been the focus of all our activities and Customer Satisfaction has been the driving force for our performance. UNICON has been Supplying ESP components for the past 20 years. The components include Collecting Electrodes, Discharge Electrodes / Emitting Electrodes, Hammers, Insulators, etc. Different type of Emitting Electrodes are manufactured by using different formation processes. UNICON can supply you with the material, style & size to fit the requirements of your existing precipitation system, or re-engineer to improve performance in both wire and rigid electrode designs.

Pipe and Spike.: Pipe & spike discharge electrodes are formed from 2″ diameter tubing. Each discharge electrode is attached to the high voltage support frame by a single high strength bolted connection. The individual discharge electrodes are bolted at the bottom through a lower steadying frame. The entire assembly is supported from the roof of the precipitator through a welded high voltage structure. To facilitate ease of construction, each electrode is allowed to hang freely from its support channel and the entire assembly is then aligned to the collecting surfaces prior to tightening the bolted connection. The electrode is virtually maintenance free and is resilient to operational upsets.

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Please find below details of Some Spares for ESPs we are regularly supplying
Collecting ElectrodesSupport Insulator
Spiral Emitting ElectrodesShaft Insulator
Pipe & Spike type Discharge ElectrodesSupport Insulator Heater
Rigid type Discharge ElectrodesShaft Insulator Heater
Collecting Rapping HammersHopper Heater
Emitting Rapping HammersRapping Shafts
GD Rapping HammersCollecting Suspension
Inner ArmEmitting Suspension
Outer ArmRotary Airlock Valves
Plain BearingSlide Gates