Cyclones & Multi Cyclones

  UNICON     Cyclones and Multi Cyclones are used for collection of coarse dust particles in cement industries and steel industries. Our cyclones are effectively designed to remove dust with an emission level upto 200 mg/m3. The pressure drop across the cyclones are as low as 50-100 mm WG resulting in energy savings. For high dust loading condition they act as primary filtering system before the bag filter or Electrostatic Precipitator. They do not require any maintenance. Multicyclones are offered to handle larger volumes of hot gas and to achieve better operating efficiencies. Rotary air lock valves or Double flap valves are used as discharge devices to these cyclones. Cyclones can use for dusts of moderate to coarse particle size, as your primary collector with or without the optional after-filter. The UNICON Cyclone will remove up to 90% (Above 40 microns) of dust generated, if we use Cyclone or Multi Cyclone as a precollector for any of UNICON’s more efficient final collectors such Bag Filter or Electrostatic Precipitator. By reducing the dust load on the higher efficiency final collector, a more economical final collection may be selected and a longer collector life can be obtained.


We offer these cyclones as particulate pre-separation as settling chambers, high flow and high efficiency cyclones, Twins, Triplex and Quads in single profile or series cascade as well as multi clones. Accessories like air locks, RAV, Double Cone Valves or Double Flap valves are also available. A multycyclone comprises a number of small cyclones built into a steel plate housing. Because of the aero-dynamic shape of the inlet vanes, the small diameter and the high volume per cyclone, strong centrifugal forces swirl the dust from the air stream to a greater extent than in a conventional larger cyclone. Generally dust particles larger than 10 micron are separated.



Woodworking, Metalworking, Sponge Iron Plants, Foundries, Plastics, Rubber, Chemicals, Grains, Food, Coal, Ceramics, Rock products, Cement Industries and more...


Unlike Dust collectors the UNICON Cyclone contains no moving or replaceable parts and is so essentially maintenance free. The air is drawn into the Cyclone tangentially and rotates at high velocity around the inner circumference. The heavier dust is separated from the air by centrifugal action and is deposited in the barrel or hopper.

  • High dust loading.

  • Can be used for Elevated temperature

  • Higher collection efficiency on account of the higher centrifugal force applied to the dust particles with decreasing diameters of the cyclone

  • Proper gas distribution

  • Higher Particulate size (specific gravity)